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Sherrilyn Kenyon

Sherrilyn Kenyon was born in Columbus, Ga., while his father was position at Ft Benning, Georgia. Kenyon father abandoned the family when she was eight years (he returned to the family of his senior year), leaving Kenyon his mother raise his younger brother and older sister, Trish, who has severe cerebral palsy, alone. Brother Kenyon was sent to live with his grandparents in Atlanta, Georgia, while Kenyon stay in Columbus to take care of his sister. After 18 months of separation, family was held at Kenyon and his mother and sister moved to Atlanta as well. Kenyon first recognition of his writing came when he won a contest in third grade, writing an essay about a single mom for Mother's Day and was followed a year later when he won a given price for a historical account, he wrote about a young girl living in colonial Virginia.
Kenyon was raised in the middle of eight children, but only two were actually brothers. The six others were his cousins, who, because of the crisis of the family, lived with his family was a most of his youth and young adults. She also has two older sisters.
Kenyon child and knew he wanted to be a writer, he has provided escape a childhood of violence. She is a strong advocate against child abuse and participates in fundraisers to help other victims. In kindergarten, wrote in his textbook Brownie wanted to be a writer and a mother when she grew up. However, none of these has never been easy for her. At age seven years, he wrote and illustrated his first novel, The Secret Sharron, a horror story of a girl who uses her psychic powers to kill their brothers and acquisition of your school. At fourteen years Kenyon has made his first professional sales and continues to write for school newspapers, yearbooks, local newspapers and magazines throughout high school and college. She won her love of horror, zombie movies and the paranormal and the novels of his mother, who never censored films allowed the girl to see. His mother even took him to see Night of the living dead in a drive-time she was only four years.
college years
Originally Kenyon for great art to the university for that to become a comic revealing. He was accepted into the Savannah College of Art and Design, but was unable to pay school fees to attend. Entered a state university where he graduated in English in hopes of being admitted to the creative writing program. His first college semester, she was placed in an English course to recovery because of his dyslexia, which caused a low score on the test. The first day of class, his teacher recognized his mistake and had put in an advanced English class the teacher teaches. Kenyon has spent two years as an English major and editor of the school newspaper. Applied three times for admission to creative writing program, but was never admitted. After his third attempt, the teacher asked him does not apply to the new program was designed for students who had a serious future in publishing. Discouraged, Kenyon tried to change his journalism major but it was not accepted because it could not pass the typing test required of all students. Kenyon right hand is partially paralyzed, making it difficult for she write on a typewriter. With doors closed to her, Kenyon has changed baseball history. Kenyon received a major emphasis medieval history and language interdisciplinary combined with classical studies. She had enough credits to earn also minors in philosophy, Psychology and French, and gain a certificate of medieval studies.
Kenyon When I was 20, he decided was time to take his experience writing magazine and use it in the book market. Just as he finished his manuscript ready send to publishers, his older brother, who was a staunch defender of his work and died a devastated Kenyon has lost the desire to write. This same brother had borrowed a typewriter from his roommate during the Christmas holidays at school so I can type in your manuscript for presentation. His last words to her about her writing: "I know it's a winner, baby. I can not wait to see it in print. "This manuscript was later to become his novel, was born of the night.
Resume Writing
Three years later, Kenyon moved to Richmond, Virginia to marry her boyfriend a long time. While moving her business, her husband came by his former novels and writings, and asked why not write more. Kenyon told him his desire to write with his brother was dead and full of his manuscripts. Because of the recession Kenyon was unable to find employment of any kind. A childhood friend told the newspaper that has published several articles written needs and offered at Kenyon. While Kenyon was no written the word of fiction since the death of his brother, Kenyon agreed to write the articles. Once work has started a once more started to feel that writing was something I had to do. Although there is little money when her husband learned she was writing another immediately after his brother bought him a word processor. Placed in a corner of his apartment at a table and a chair ten dollar Steno.
Kenyon two years later sold his first book, born of the night, with five sales coming soon. He won several awards and made several best sellers, but after the publication of his sixth novel found himself unable to get another contract in writing. For a total of four and a half years (1994 – 1998), Kenyon could not sell manuscripts.
Although his career took a dive, Kenyon was in the middle of a large amount of turbulence in its personal life. His father died in February 1995 of cancer. A difficult pregnancy cost him his job. The baby arrived seven weeks and was forced to spend six weeks in the neonatal intensive care unit, Kenyon and barely survived to delivery. Because her husband was finishing school, and inability to work and medical expenses, the family "lost everything as [we] are not many. "Accordingly, the couple and their seriously ill child are forced to live your car in the parking lot of a hotel in Columbus, MS, until they are able to find A summary apartment. Later that year, his mother was diagnosed with cancer, and Kenyon became pregnant again. The second pregnancy has resulted in serious medical problems, so Kenyon to be hospitalized for most of the time. With his mother could not visit because of your condition, your child visitor restrictions, and her husband spend most of their time taking care of your son and his health problems, repressed Kenyon his fiction, he wrote two books which will eventually revive his career.
Once your second child is born and she was able to return to work Kenyon has taken any teaching teams minimum wage. From there he worked as a web designer, continues to write in every spare moment. His agent, who had stayed with her during all the years that were not sold, followed by the presentation of their work, but each request has been rejected.
In 1997 he received the rejection Kenyon claims the relaunch of his career and forever change the course of his writing style. At that time, the best novels published in the novels of Regency-set historical. Criticism of its partners at the time were well known authors in the field, sat down and wrote a novel Kenyon. Your agent and key partners like, however, was the script that won her rejection of the worst of his career. "Nobody in this house will never be interested in drafting this author. Do not send your work for us." Kenyon was devastated again. Since they were still living in poverty, Kenyon has promised her husband she has never spent a penny on the continuation a dream that was obviously not intended to be.
But I could not stop writing. This rejection prompted to attention to stop what he was selling in New York. She spent the next few months to write books for themselves while listening to the characters and not market reports. When he did, Kenyon has sent his latest book to his agent he did not like the script at all and refused to continue in his name. Believing that his career was over and no money left to continue on their own set of Kenyon's work aside.
A few weeks later, Kenyon saw an ad in a magazine wrote that Laura Cifelli HarperCollins was looking for manuscripts. Cifelli officer of Kenyon was the beginning of his career, Kenyon has sent a letter to his only complaint. Kenyon offers Cifelli two books. The first of the Dark Hunter and his agent had left back. Cifelli abandoned the idea of the paranormal because there was no market for lines of history. But she asked to see history. Kenyon borrow a neighbor to send the manuscript to New York and offers Cifelli Kenyon three books. . The very different time Historical fiction novels paranormal and science in his career, Cifelli Kenyon asked if I'd mind using a pseudonym. Kenyon was Now superstitious about his real name since their first foray was short-lived, chose Kinley MacGregor (the irony is that, although the name MacGregor appeared in all bestsellers The first lists, which are known as Kenyon would win the most praise.) tribute to the party MacGregor Scottish ancestry Kenyon and his family, not by time, was forbidden to use their real names, because of its conflict with a rival clan. The name seemed more appropriate for use in the reconstruction of his career.
Although a Kenyon manuscripts submitted its Kinley MacGregor, she continued to work on his stories vampires. When his publisher, who has hired a new agent in late 1998. Although the agent never represented the paranormal before and was reluctant to do so because there was no market for this style of novel, Kenyon believes the present. Dark-Hunter novels were rejected by all households. Some even more than once. But this summer, he found a home for them at St. Martin Press Jennifer Enderlin at the time of purchase. It was nearly ten years to the day from the time Kenyon was the first Dark-Hunter novel one day has been hired.
Kenyon is best known for his series Dark-Hunter, which include the Dark-Hunters, Were-Hunters and Dream-Hunters stories. Books depart traditional vampire stories that vampires, call the Daimon, live only 27 years due to a curse of the god Apollo, who frequently appears in the series. To prolong its life, the Daimon vampire are forced to take human souls to live. sister of Apollo, the goddess Artemis, to create an army of immortal warriors called Dark-hunters to kill and release the souls daimons human souls before they die. Some of the original Dark-Hunter hero were taken from Kenyon wrote fairy tales in middle school and high school.
In mid 1980, while working for a magazine of science fiction called The Cutting small Edge, his boss asked him to write a long-term series for the magazine. She brought a lot of their favorite fantasies precedent in a large series. This was the beginning of the Dark-Hunter world. In this series, which has been leaking for over twenty years, Kenyon has created a universe world, whose rules remain only in his head.
Non Fiction
Besides his successful career novels, Kenyon is the author of several books. She wrote the names of the characters, Sourcebook, which was purchased by Finally, published by Writer's Digest. Writer's Digest has been interested in launching a new series of books, and because her background in the study Kenyon Age Media are asked to write daily life in the Middle Ages. When the line was looking for a writer to complete reference fantastic writer, who has returned Kenyon.
The name of the font has its roots in childhood Kenyon. When Kenyon began writing their own stories as a young child, she began keeping a list of names we liked for future use. As she aged, she has continued to expand the list, as long as the organization source, so if you were writing a French character who could easily find a French name. When the co-author Cathy Maxwell saw the list, insisted that Kenyon should request the publication, as other writers is invaluable.
Graphic Novels
Because of his love throughout the comic, Graphic novels and manga (Kenyon credits his ability to read his older brother used the comic Spiderman to teach), May 2006 Dabel Brothers Productions ("DB Pro") and in association with Marvel Comics, has announced the signing of an exclusive contract with Kinley MacGregor (also known as Sherrilyn Kenyon), adapting the novels of Arthurian fantasy series, Lords of Avalon.
Lords of Avalon was designed to be produced in comics by summer 2007, with a screenplay adapted by Roynne Gillespie (The Burning Man) and art by Tommy Ohtsuka. An edition graphic novel Sword of Darkness, the first novel in the series, was originally to have been available in the summer of 2007, but been delayed by Marvel Comics and Dabel brothers ended their partnership. Lords Of Avalon: Sword of Darkness was finally published by Marvel Comics, Dabel Brothers, the coverage of November 2008.
Although Kenyon has been discussion of contract with St. Martin's Press has a manga adaptation of Dark-Hunter as far as 2003, it was not until 2006 that San Martin Dabel Brothers Productions ("DB Pro") that the packager of books have been able to move forward. Since Kenyon is credited with being an otaku (in the American sense of the word) would be several months before an artist has been found that Kenyon approved. Claudia Campos, who is known for his work with Tokyopop was elected. The first masterpiece of Dark-Hunter manga published in the collection of documentary Kenyon, Matt Dark-Hunter, in November 2007. It will take another year before Kenyon has approved an adaptation of his words writer, Joshua Hale Fialkov's Afro-Samurai, Elk Run, Cyblade, Vampirella alibi and glory. The Dark-Hunter manga, will finally make its debut in May 2009.
Because of his love of technology, Kenyon was one the first e-books published by the defunct Dreams Unlimited. It was the first in New York published author's contract in this new medium.
Family Life
Kenyon is very dyslexic. It is also ambidextrous. Kenyon can write a first draft of a novel in three or four weeks, but managed to finish completely novel in less than four weeks. The normal time for a novel, however, is four to nine months. Kenyon in his spare time playing guitar, flute, piano and percussion. As a child and young woman, she was a training partner of two golden gloves boxer. There was also a quarterback football field and an award winning chef. A former member of the Society for Creative Anachronism, is currently a member of the Horror Writers of America, science fiction writers of America, and the Romance Writers Association.
Kenyon joked that she only has three pieces clothes that are not black (a white shirt for Ren fairs and two pairs of jeans) and the fans have noticed your obsession with this choice of clothing. She described his personal style Goth happens when you get more, and says his obsession with the use of all the steps black when the mother refuses to buy a dress black velvet, when I was in first grade.
Over the years, because of what she humorously calls "the need for their children to eat, "Kenyon has worked a variety of jobs: DJ, the photographer (his credits include the publication of The Washington Post), store clerk, cook, baker, doll maker, painter, photographer, independent journalist, concierge, waitress, teacher, Ditch Digger, psychic programmer, web designer, and publisher.
Kenyon is married and has three children. The family lives in a suburb of Nashville, Tennessee, a collection of pets, including dogs, cats, fish, chickens, rabbits and reptiles ..
As Sherrilyn Kenyon
The League series
"Born of the Night" (Pinnacle, 1996) (ISBN 0-78600-222-0)
"Born of Fire" (electronic book Dreams Unlimited 1997) (ISBN 1-89252-004-4)
"Paradise City" (Love Spell, 1994) (ISBN 0-50551-969-0)
"Fire & Ice" in the anthology "The Man of My Dreams" (Zeus, 2004) (ISBN 0-51513-793-6)
Dark-Hunter series
The Dark Hunters are immortal warriors pledged to Artemis, Greek goddess and dedicated to the defense of Daimon against humanity (vampires) and a variety of other enemies, including a couple of hoodlums gods and goddesses.
Lovers of fantasy (Book Pocket Saint-Martin, 2002) (ISBN 0-31297-997-5)
"The beginning", also in the back of the sins of the night early printed editions (St. Martin's Paperbacks, 2002)
"Dragonswan" Tapestry of the anthology, published by Jupiter (2002, ISBN 0-51513-362-0), reprinted separately by Berkley (2005, ISBN 0-51514-079-1)
Night Pleasures (Paperback San Martín, 2002) (ISBN 0-31297-998-3)
Amanda Devereaux has a family frappadingue. Her mother and older siblings are witches and psychics, and her twin sister is a vampire hunter. All Amanda wants is a peaceful and normal life. Only when she is the target of an attack aimed at her twin sister, wakes to find himself handcuffed to a strange beautiful blonde.
It Kyrian Thrace. And while Amanda's first thought was that this could be another attempt of his sister party to extreme decisions, it becomes evident that the material not Kyrian boyfriend.
This is a Dark-Hunter: an immortal warrior who has traded his soul for a moment of vengeance on his enemies. Kyrian spend their eternal days hunting vampires and demons that plague humanity. He is currently seeking a demon ancient name of Desiderio Dealy considered a sport to handcuff Kyrian a human being, as he continues. Now Kyrian and Amanda must find a way to break its link to that given in his dangerous attraction to each other. O Desiderio kills both.
Night Embrace (paperback St. Martin, 2003) (ISBN 0-31298-482-0)
Phantom Lover ", in the pleasures of midnight Anthology (St. Martin's Paperbacks, 2003) (ISBN 0-31298-762-5)
Dance with the Devil (Paperback San Martín, 2003) (ISBN 0-31298-483-9)
"A Dark-Hunter Christmas", also in the back of Dance with the Devil In early printed editions (St. Martin's Paperbacks, 2003)
The Kiss Street (Paperback San Martín, 2004) (ISBN 0-31299-241-6)
Play night (Paperback San Martín, 2004) (ISBN 0-31299-242-4)
"Winter Born "in the anthology Midnight (St. Martin's Paperbacks 2004) (ISBN 0-31299-876-7)
Seizing the night (paperback San Martín, 2005) (ISBN 0-31299-243-2)
Valerio is not a popular Dark-Hunter is a novel which means that hunters have a great grudge against him major Greek civilization and replace them. To compound things, is well aware of its origin and aristocratic breeding. Therefore, it is good when he met Tabitha Devereaux. She is bold, sexy and totally willing to take it seriously. (Not to mention Tabitha is also the sister of Kyrian, a former fighter mortal enemy of black and Val.)
Tabitha This is serious is to hunt and kill vampires, and soon she and Val have to face the most deadly of all the demons, who managed to return from the dead, and we have a serious grudge against both. To win against evil, Val will loosen, learn to trust and to put everything on the line to protect a man she hates and a woman who takes her nuts.
Sins of the Night (Pocket Book San Martín, 2005) (ISBN 0-31293-432-7)
"Second Chance, the brochure exclusive collection Dark-Hunter (St. Martin's books Pocket, 2005), gift
Unleash the Night (Paperback San Martín, 2005) (ISBN 0-31293-433-5)
Dark Side of the Moon (St. Martin Press, 2006, reprinted in paperback from St. Martin, 2007) (ISBN 0-31235-743-5 HB, ISBN 0-31293-434-3 PB)
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"Until death do us part" in the anthology Love at first bite (St. Martin's Paperbacks, 2006) (ISBN 0-31234-929-7)
"The fear of" darkness, free ebook (Saint-Martin Press, 2007)
The Dream-Hunter (paperback St. Martin, 2007) (ISBN 0-31293-881-0)
Devil May Cry (St. Martin's Press, 2007, taken by St. Martin's Paperbacks, 2008) HB ISBN (0-31236-950-6, ISBN 0-31294-686-4 PB)
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Dream Chaser (St. Martin's Paperback, 2008) (ISBN 0-31293-882-9)
Acheron (St. Martin's Press, 2008) (ISBN 0-312-36215-3)
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"Shadow of the Moon, in the anthology Dead After Dark (St. Martin's Press, 2008) (ISBN 0-31294-798-4)
Dream Warrior (San Martin Press, 2009) (ISBN 0-31293-883-7)
Bad Moon Rising (St. Martin's Press, 2009)
Series Agency ADB
Published by Simon & Schuster
"Bad to the Bone" in the anthology Big guns out of uniform (2005) (ISBN 1-41650-967-4)
"Captivated by You" in the anthology Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down: Three Tales of Erotic Romance (2005) (ISBN 1-41650-159-2)
Bad Attitude (2005) (ISBN 1-41650-356-0 HB, ISBN 1-41652-029-5 PB)
Born To Be patient, a repeat of the history of Bad Plus a new short story called "bad night" (2005) (ISBN 1-41650-750-7)
"Turning up the pressure" in the anthology game easy to obtain (Pocket, 2006) (ISBN 1-41651-087-7)
The Phantom of the Night (2008) (ISBN 1-41650-357-9)
Whispering Lies "(2009) (ISBN 9-781416-597421)
Never Again Series
Other fiction
Angel Daemon (Leisure, 1995) (ISBN 0-50552-026-5)
"Love Bytes" in the anthology Naughty or Nice (St. Martin's Press, 2000) (ISBN 0-31298-102-3)
"Knightly Dreams" In this anthology, Bedtime Stories (Penguin Group, 2005) (ISBN 0-42521-085-5)
"Research balls Spike" in seven seasons of Buffy edited by Ben Bella (ISBN 1-93210-008-3)
"A gift of 'five seasons Angel edited by Glenn Yeffeth (ISBN 1-93210-033-4)
Non Fiction
The author of Guide to life in the Middle Ages (Writer's Digest, 1995)
The fantasy writer full reference: A compendium of essential myth and magic (Writer Digest, 2000)
The author's name characters European reference, with Hal Blythe and Charlie Sweet (ISBN 0-89879-632-6)
Digest character naming book writer, 2nd ed. (ISBN 1-58297-295-8)
Writing as Kinley MacGregor
Published by Avon (HarperCollins Publishers), unless otherwise indicated.
The Sea Wolves of the series
Master of seduction (2000) (ISBN 0-06108-712-2)
An attacker itself (2004) (ISBN 0-06108-711-4)
MacAllister series
Master of Desire (2001) (ISBN 0-06108-713-0)
Claiming the Highlander (2002) (ISBN 0-38081-789-6)
ISBN born in sin, (2003) (0-38081-790-X)
Taming the Scotsman (2003) (ISBN 0-38081-791-8)
"Summer Knight" in the anthology Where's My Hero? (2003) (ISBN 0-06050-524-9)
The Warrior (2007)
Brotherhood of the Blade series
Born in sin, (2003) (ISBN 0-38081-790-X)
Taming the Scotsman (2003) (ISBN 0-38081-791-8)
"Summer Knight" in the anthology Where's My Hero? (2003) (ISBN 0-06050-524-9)
A black champion, (2004) (ISBN 0-06056-541-1)
The Return of the Warrior (2005) (ISBN 0-06056-543-8)
The Warrior, (2007) (ISBN 0-06079-667-7)
Lords of Avalon series
Sword of Darkness (2006) (ISBN 0-06056-544-6)
Knight of Darkness (2006) (ISBN 0-06079-662-6)
"Issues" in the anthology Elemental: The Tsunami Anthology: Tales of Science Fiction and Fantasy (Tor Books, 2006)
Other fiction
"Santa Wears Spurs" in the anthology Everything what I want for Christmas (St. Martin's Press, 1999) (ISBN 0-31297-680-1)
Sherrilyn Kenyon has received numerous nominations and awards on his behalf and that Kinley MacGregor.
Past winners
Maggie Award for Excellence
Price MARA
Holt Medallion
Price reviews heart Examiner
Amazon.com 's Hot 100
Amazon.com Motors' low-S
Amazon.com 's Best Seller in 2001
RT Kiss Award
Fool For Love
Case Featured Reader's Choice
Sapphire Award
Editors Choice Awards RT
Top Ten books of the year of RWA (Romance Writers Association) – Lover Fantasy
Best Fantasy – Fantasy Lover
Best Light Paranormal – Night Pleasures
Pleasures of the night and loving the fantasy were finalists Aspen Gold contest.
Pleasures of the night and loving the fantasy were finalists in the GRW Maggie Award.
Night Pleasures won the HOLT.
PEARL (Paranormal Excellence Awards in Romantic Literature) (2002)
Best-Shape Shifter – Night Pleasures
Best Magic Fantasy – Fantasy Lover
Best Novella or short story – Dragonswan
Best Anthology – Tapestry, with Madeline Hunter, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Lynn Kurland, Karen Marie Moning
Best Overall Paranormal Mention Bridesmaid – Fantasy Lover
Night Pleasures and lover of fantasy are double medal finalists Price Holt.
RIO (International Critics) (20 023)
Anthology Favorites – Upholstery
Favorite Paranormal, Honorable Mention – Lover Fantasy
Laurel Wreath Award for the pleasures of the night
Love Romances Golden Rose 2002 Readers' Choice Awards Winner:
Best Historical Romance – Claiming the Highlander
Best Paranormal Romance (honorable mention) – Lover of fantasy
Best Novella (honorable mention) – Dragonswan
Romanctic Best Anthology (honorable mention) – Tapestry
Best Medieval Romance – Claiming the Highlander
Travel Best time (Honorable Mention) – Dragonswan
Best fantasy novel of science fiction – Fantasy Lover
RT Booklovers Reviewer's Choice
Best Anthology historic candidate – Upholstery
Best Vampire Romance – Night Pleasures
Best Historical Romance of Scotland – Claiming Montanes
2002 RBL Hughie Awards:
Best Anthology – Upholstery
Best for You Kinley MacGregor Sherrilyn Kenyon / – Author
Favorite secondary character Talon (Male) (Pleasant Nights)
Funny scene: The scene of Women (Night Pleasures)
Best Online or citation – "Be kind Dragonswan, because you're beautiful when naked and taste of Cool Whip." (Dragonswan)
Best Medieval Historical Romance – Claiming the Highlander
Prisma (2004)
Best Dark Paranormal – Dancing with the Devil
Best Light Paranormal – Night Embrace
RIO (International Critics) (2003)
Favorite Paranormal – Dance With The Devil
Plume d'Or for Best Paranormal the dance with the devil
Award for the best bookstore born in sin, the best dance long historical and with the devil to the best Paranormal (Night embrace was the second)
Night Embrace won the most modern scarlet letter, and is called Grand Champion of all the winners.
Night Embrace and born in sin medal won HOLT
Night Embrace won the Laurie
Born in sin won for best Historic Lighthouse
Born in sin Yellow Rose won for best historical
Sapphires dance with the devil and "Phantom Lover".
Love Stories 2003 Golden Rose Readers' Choice Awards Winner:
Born in Sin – Kinley MacGregor – Best Historical Romance
Dance With The Devil – Sherrilyn Kenyon – Best Paranormal Romance
Dance With The Devil – Sherrilyn Kenyon – Best Vampire Romance
Dance With The Devil – Sherrilyn Kenyon – The best book of high-Unknown Artist
Phantom Lover (Midnight Pleasures) – Sherrilyn Kenyon – Best Novella
Night Embrace – Sherrilyn Kenyon Honorable Mention-Best Shapeshifter Romance
RBL Hughie Awards 2003:
Best Historical Romance of Scotland – born in sin by Kinley MacGregor
Best Paranormal Romance (time travel, futuristic fantasy, etc.) Dance With The Devil by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Best Anthology – Midnight Pleasures by Sherrilyn Kenyon, Amanda Ashley, Maggie Shayne, and Rhonda Thompson and Where is my hero? by Lisa Kleypas, Julia Quinn, MacGregor Kinley
Dance With The Devil by Sherrilyn Kenyon – Best Cover
Best Author – Sherrilyn Kenyon (Kinley MacGregor)
Favorite secondary character (Male) – Acheron (Sherrilyn Kenyon Dark-Hunter Series)
Favorite secondary character (Women) – Simi, the demon Charon (Dance With The Devil by Sherrilyn Kenyon)
Funny scene – Meeting Without the MacAllister brothers married after Callie (born in sin by Kinley MacGregor)
Best Online or citation – "You know, Sunshine, you Need to find a man like him to marry someone so well equipped that even after three or four children, still on the wall to another .. "(Night Embrace by Sherrilyn Kenyon)
Night Pleasures won laurel wreath with the fantasy of the lover who comes in second
PEARL (Paranormal Excellence Awards in Romantic Literature) (2003)
Best Shape-Shifter Honorable Mention – Dance With The Devil
Best Novella or short story, Honorable Mention – "Phantom Lover"
Best Anthology, Honorable Mention – Good midnight with Sherrilyn Kenyon, Amanda Ashley, Maggie Shayne, and Rhonda Thompson
Paranormal favorite general, Honorable Mention – Dance With the Devil
Oscar Darrell (2006)
Best Novel – Sins of the Night
RIO (International Critics) (2005)
Favorite Paranormal – Operates night
PEARL (Paranormal Excellence Award in literature romance) (2005)
Best Overall Paranormal – Sins of the Night
Paranormal best of all, Honorable Mention – Unleash the Night
Best Anthology – Bedtime Stories
Best Erotic – Free night
Best Shapeshifter – Sins of the Night
Sins of the night was # 5 on bestseller on Amazon.com 'in 2005. Fancy Lover and fun night # 6 and # 7 respectively to the best of the decade so far.
Love Stories 2005 Golden Rose Readers' Choice Awards Winner:
Best Historical – A Dark Champion – Kinley MacGregor
Best Novella – "Winter Born" – Sherrilyn Kenyon
Best Vampire – Seize the Night – Sherrilyn Kenyon
Best Shapeshifter – Night Play – Sherrilyn Kenyon
Best Couple – Vane and Bride on the night of the game – Sherrilyn Kenyon
Best Cover – Kiss of the Night – Sherrilyn Kenyon
Devil May Cry was No. 2 in New York Times Fiction Book Sellers List (week ending August 11, 2007)
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