Mattel I Can Play Guitar

mattel i can play guitar
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What do you think Mattel's I can play guitar? PLEASE HELP?

my brother's birthday is coming (it is six) and I promised something really cool. has recently been interested in music and especially for the guitar, I thought it would be a Great gift for him. it costs $ 100, but I want to make sure it's worth before buying and I mean … Does it really help children learn to play guitar? I can find a place to shop where it costs less? (I live in California … in Fremont in the Bay Area) and all other details that may help …. if it is of good quality and not break easily …… all comments appreciated! and any person who is not clear that Mattel is a registered trademark and "I can play the guitar is one of their products …….

I never seen one, my son is too young. I found a comment that Drake Bell and explains how it works. You can try to buy online, maybe ebay, one that costs a little less. Good luck. Here is the article.

mattel i can play guitar

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