Learn Guitar Rock

learn guitar rock
Learning Rock Guitar Episode#1

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Wana learn guitar rock. CONDITIONS?

I was a musician, piano for 15 years so I know a little theory and can play. I play jazz, gospel, and used to play classical music. I want to learn guitar rock, mainly. I do not really mind being a classical guitarist, but should I start first guitar blues my way to Rock? Wana is fast riffs:) I should also add that I took two courses guitar to school now. Historically, there is no problem:). I have a Fender Squire and country effects of the program if you want to use Guitar Rig 2 is called. I have a little skill under my belt lol.

Start with the basics, learn chords, scales, and from away. Get a good teacher and playing with musicians who are you better, it will quickly learn to follow. Practice for at least an hour a night and hear many different groups. Do not go buy a $ 2,000.00 guitar, if you are a beginner, but at the same time, spending less than $ 200.00 if you want something playable. A guitar is generally crap that discourages guitarists. A cheap guitar sounds terrible and it is usually difficult to play.

learn guitar rock