Learn Guitar Left Handed

learn guitar left handed
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I play the guitar left and wants to learn violin. Is there such thing as a violin left handed?

I'm good at everything we do, but for some reason I'm left hand guitar. I tried to learn the right hand, I really did, but I could not do it (you can not say I have not tried!). I want to learn the violin, but I do not think I could learn that the right hand because they have acquired the dexterity of the hand left. Is there such thing as a violin left handed? Can you tell me I need to know about it / tell me what you need to know about the musician's life left? It would be confusing … if they handed violins special. They just dump the string around and I (and probably a special body does). it would be a source of confusing to learn the right hand!

Yes, they do the left hand Violins. The body is exactly the same except the chin to the other side. Instead of fixing the normal chain of GDAE from left to right, E string is on the left and descends to the ADG, respectively. They tend to be a little more expensive though.

learn guitar left handed