Folk Guitar

folk guitar
How to Play Folk Guitar Fingerpicking Style For Dummies

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how to make a guitar sound like a popular electric guitar?

Put a van in him or her and go through some effects. Not really difficult to all, and you get the added benefit of acoustic sound with him if you wish. The effects are the most popular compression to maintain or shift phase or flanger, distortion, tremolo, wah-wah (pedal tone variable) and profit. (An amplifier with a specific level to facilitate their own) You can use a microphone and get the same effect, but is much less effective. You can block a tablet in the mouth of the guitar, put a piezo-electric or capacitor inside the guitar or pickup or an individual for each channel under the bridge! I suggest you go to a music store as big as Guitar Center or whatever your local currency equivalent is, and ask to speak with a guitar. He or she will make a tour of what may done with acoustic and electric guitar effects rack or series of effects pedals (or stage boxes) Hope this helps.

folk guitar

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