Learn To Play Guitar Notes

learn to play guitar notes

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I must learn to read guitar notes and stuff, but where?

my friends and I started a new group and we want to be ready as soon as possible for the talent show, and we want to be there, but I do not know exactly how to read notes on the guitar and playing guitar but playing the guitar I can learn by myself. the fact is that I need help with reading notes and stuff can someone help me? and if I can learn to play is good as it may be time to THN I will next year

To learn to read music for guitar visit your local music store and pick up a manual for beginners of the guitar has locked the basic theory. A quality book from Hal Leonard Guitar Method Book One, with or without CD. Inside the book are set up and maintenance instructions, basic chords and basic music theory with accompanying exercises you learn to read music for guitar. Only keep in mind that not become a genius guitarist bang in two weeks. Expect to see real progress in the six months to two years. But if you focus on the theory of exercises and you come out stronger. Books beginner guitar do you learn things they teach you the ropes and music theory.

learn to play guitar notes

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