Guitar Playing Software For Pc

guitar playing software for pc
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Does anyone know a good plug and play guitar distortion software for PC at home?

Friends to know any guitar distortion software I can use the computer at home, I connect my guitar to play directly into a PC and software that produces various effects such as Distortion, Bass, Wah Wah, Giga. I am using version 2.5 Guitar FxBox Trail. Can anyone tell me any other software that replaces the guitar FxBox. Thank you

If you have some money then I recommend you buy this guitar port costs about $ 110, but is a great device and is fully justified and offers USB and guitar tones murderer even if you have one of them and I feel good or you need to find a torrent of guitars FxBox in one of the download sites Torrent as large and etc. etc.

guitar playing software for pc