How To Learn Guitar Videos

how to learn guitar videos
How to Play Acoustic Guitar : How to Learn Guitar Songs by Ear

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Do you think I could learn to play an acoustic guitar through YouTube videos?

I want to learn to play the acoustic guitar but I do not have time or money to lessons.i found this youtube user, whos username is gally042 and it seems that hes good enough for teaching me playing the flute for 3 years and piano for 2, and play music in the choir all the time so I'm not new to the music also very motivated I will not give up just because something is difficult to afraid that if I spend my money on a guitar that would be difficult for me to think id be able to learn to play? (:

lovvvve, Pffft. You can do it completely. See many videos and buy a cheap guitar and try things. I bet we'll play the strings in a day, same time! Here's another trick you can really fun to use: 1. list your 10 favorite songs (any genre). 2. Do a search on Google arrangements for each song on the web. 3. Compare and choose the agreements with the song less simple chords (G, G-7, C, D, D7, Dm, E, Em, A, Am). 4. Search chords and learn to finger 5. Play the selected song every day and soon you'll agreements memory. Use a simple, down, down, down, down beat. Play with the registry as soon as possible. 6. Rinse and repeat it is a free site that has much more details on this and other ways of learning. I'll include a link so you can then dig deeper. Once you can do it all. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. One of these days you go into your room and go play the guitar! Good Luckily, John

how to learn guitar videos

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