How To Play Guitar Praise

how to play guitar praise
Let’s ask James: How to play “Lead Me to the Cross” (acoustic) by Hillsong United

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How can I become a Christian artist?

I am 15 years old, I love music. I love Jesus with all my heart. I play guitar, bass, keyboard and drums. I believe God calls me to be a Christian artist (like Casting Crowns or Stellar Kart) but I have no idea where to start. How to get tickets, how to get contacts or recording contracts. I played music for years and I love music. I play the guitar backup in my church youth group and I'm starting my own group Christian (called 212 degrees praise from Hebrews 2:12), but idk how to begin. I wrote several songs (but I'm starting to write good songs) and I love writing songs and playing or singing original songs, Christian songs and other artists. Please, if you know something about the music industry to help me. Only serious answers … I'm really looking for answers here!

First do your homework to get your original copyright songs. Too many candidates have been scammed by leaving someone to listen to a tape or CD of his original works. (Even in the "Christian" music industry, not always reliable worldwide. Sad, but true.) Take your time, learn all you can … and keep it. Most bands reputation Christians say they have have done a lot of "small" performances across the U.S. before you get well known. How is your radio songs as most of them have become famous, but also to become part of a larger group … in the great concert … which is much hard work and it takes a lot of travel. Make sure you have your degree in the first high school before starting to travel! Stay in school, learn everything can, and keep in mind that every great project needs a backup plan to stay afloat. Therefore, obtaining a degree in music university is also a very good idea.

how to play guitar praise