How To Play Guitar Through Stereo

how to play guitar through stereo
Peggy Lee – Johnny Guitar (Stereo)

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Reading a disk / plate through a stereo?

I have a stereo in Sony LBT-ZT4 through which I read a floppy disk / platinum. I wonder what we should look for in a disk / dish for this to work. Entries in the stereo is a mini-stereo and 1 / 4 "stereo to amplify (ie, I can play my guitar through it). I'll be able to play a tray without pre-amplification through input? Or will I need a tray with a preamp, even if the input is amplified? I really do not want to buy a receiver or any other element. I do not know much about the stereo and all that, and I know almost nothing about food, except I like the sound … Also, I would like some suggestions on nice, implying $ 100 (new or used) and anyone has personal experience with connecting a turntable music ensembles. Thank you!

Phonograph records are written with what called the RIAA curve, this is done to avoid distorting the bass and treble own and because of the limitations of vinyl as a recording medium you need a phono pre-amplifier to adjust the curve for a position at full speed, otherwise the metallic sound with bass and a bit exaggerated acute … Some readers records have not integrated into other … can not buy a shack RCA pre external or other electronics stores …

how to play guitar through stereo

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