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question about Pink Floyd song and “Tusk”?

Okay, I heard when I was little that in one of Pink Floyd;s songs there was a message played out through guitar chords and if you could decipher it, it was either Roger Waters or David Gilmour would have a message you would be able to figure out through the codes in the music notes. It was said to have said something like,”Congratulations. You have just found the message…” Please tell me the song and the history of it. Also, in the song “Tusk” by Fleetwood Mac, there is a segment of guitar music with some kind of code or message. Please let me know if you know of this. Thank you! Appreciate your help and insight!

check this out:


Wall, The (Pink Floyd) – Secret Backwards Message in the Wall (Corrected!)
This is a correction of another similar egg I’ve already sent…
1- Put on Record 1, Side 2 (Yes, the vinyl record. Sorry, I don’t think this works with the CD or the cassette…but see the PS below.)
2- Play track 2 (Empty Spaces) and stop it (i.e. stop the turntable) immediately before Roger Waters starts singing (about 1 minute 2 seconds after the beginning)
3- Now comes the hard part. Without re-starting the turntable, spin the record backwards (with your fingers, with your hands, with your head…anyhow you like!) at (approximately) the right speed, 33 RPM. (Doing this while the record is spinning normally is much more difficult. Trust me!)
4- You should hear, amidst the guitar notes, a very low-pitched voice saying: “Congratulations. You’ve just discovered the secret message. Please send your answer to Old Pink, care of the Funny Farmhouse”. This was obviously recorded backwards INTENTIONALLY.
PS: I know this is hard to do with the record, but I also know that there are some machines that can sample that part and play it backwards.
There also is a very good sample of it on Only trouble is that the sample is in AIFF format…

No idea on the Fleetwood Mac song though

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