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URGENT: I need to find Italian songs!?

I was informed today that I have to play piano and guitar for the music ministry of our youth group is putting on a spaghetti dinner in Italy for our church to raise funds. I know a zero total Italian songs. What are songs that sound good, are Italian, and you can learn in 2 hours? Incidentally, I played piano for almost 8 years, guitar for a year to learn very fast. All the song titles, *** and, possibly, a place I can get the sheet music / tablature free *** would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance for your help! I am the prize for the best answer, 2 points for each song. If you, like 16 songs, which is cool too, if you do want to help. : D

you can try Jovanotti (singer) has a song called my fido di te, which is pretty good

learn to play guitar fast for free