Guitar Playing Software Free

guitar playing software free
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free music right software to do?

I'm looking for software for creating good meditation. CREE music, not remixes or modify CREATE. As I heard some of them instruments such as guitar, drums, etc., and that's what I need. I played guitar for 4 years, but I can not find a group to join, so I'm hoping to find a free program that allows me to do music. In gerneral'm looking for rock music, so it is why you need the function of the instrument. I have Audacity, but it dosent have that you really want. So you know of any good software, I'm looking for? And it must be 100% free. Thank you!

Ok manpunk22 recommend you try these two programs: Mixcraft 4 if you have a PC and a garage band, if you have a Mac These programs are very easy to use, have an extensive library of rates different to choose from, also supported by multiple layers editing.You can record directly from a microphone and change your voice right on instead. These programs also support virtual instruments, that means you can add piano, guitar, drums and an instrument much more to the project. Although these programs are very easy to use, you can find many tutorials for everyone on YouTube. These programs, like all the software, unfortunately, are not free and must purchase their own copy, you can download the tests and trials of his car and if you like, then you can make the purchase. I suggest you also look at Sony Pro if you want professional audio editing ACID. I'm not in detail on this program because it is actually a software Professional audio editing, and many high-end professional editing should be expensive and have a steep learning curve.

guitar playing software free