Top 10 Fastest Guitar Players

top 10 fastest guitar players
My top 10 guitar players

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How to play guitar in 14 days

Day 1 – Learn the names of all the strings of the guitar. The more or less thick rope and moves through his guitar strings EADGBE – E. Play each string and say your name while you play. I find it useful to "sing" the name with the string guitar.

Day 2 – Learning to make a guitar pick. Either Google "how to conduct a guitar pick" or visit my website for learn. Today, the practice of holding its random and play correctly the strings of his guitar, while "singing" his name.

Day 3 – Learning to fret a guitar string. The finger should be right behind the hoop midway between the band maybe you want to play and the box next to the pins. When you pick up the guitar string should not be a string buzz anywhere. Practice playing the strings and bring to random places around the neck of the guitar. Work on until you get a good clear tone.

Day 4 – Learning to tune a guitar. Using either a tuner mail or by regulating a guitar himself today to learn how to tune your guitar properly. Find every way possible to put the Internet search. Learn what dishes in the lower strings are the same notes as the string above. For example, the 5th fret on E string is the same note as the open string.

Day 5 – Learn to play an open string G. The open string G uses all six strings and is one of the easiest to form agreements. There are two acceptable ways to form this line: one who uses his little finger and that does not work. Find and read the practice of agreements in both directions. The practice is there to worry about fretted at the same time having to open strings ringing. This requires a good bow fingers.

Day 6 – Learn all the notes in the strings and low and high. Chain E open bottom, each box and play the note name. Work your way up the neck of the guitar notes are fretted as follows: F – F # (sharp) or GB (flat) – G – G # or Ab – AA # or Bb-B – C – C # or Db – D – D # or Eb – E and repeat. Do the same with the E high, the first string, the notes are the same.

Day 7 – Learn to pick up his replacement on guitar. The solution alternative is to choose when you take a guitar string, descend, and then the next note or a string of choosing to choose is increasing. This is the best way learn guitar picking, because it requires less effort and is also the best way to pick up a guitar. Alternative practices to play with ropes vacuum from a single string and then randomly move from one channel to the next harvest in a string and then to the next.

Day 8 – Learn to play outside in agreement. The agreement generally uses the open C 6 strings, although Some guitarists do not play the lowest string. There are two generally accepted methods of playing this chord find both practical and strum that chord again today to make sure your strings ring clearly.

Day 9 – Learn all the notes in the chain and D string. As pointed with his two E strings, start with open strings and then say that each note or sing, and work your way up the neck of the guitar both chains A and D. Note that the 6th fret on the E string is the same note as the first box on the rope. The same is true for A and D strings.

Day 10 – Learn to play an open string D. The finger opening D agreement requires a bit more skill than open chords and G C. Simply tear the 4 or 5 strings to play that string. Practice playing this agreement without affecting the low E string.

Day 11 – Learn to change your G open chords with the chord C open. Now practiced switching between your open G chord and C chord open. Since more than one way to play each agreement, the practice of different combinations to find what works best for you. Practice going back and forth between the two agreements, with a random selection how many times to play each chord. Go as slow as you need.

Day 12 – Learn all the notes in the G and B strings. Just as we have done before, but the fact that despite the 6 th fret on the D string coincides with the first box on the G string which is the fifth fret on the G string to match from the first box on the B chain

Day 13 – Learn to change its open string and rope GD Now you have to practice switching between your open G chord and D open chords, as we did with the chords of G and C.

Day 14 – Playing a song. Well now we'll put it all together, playing a little guitar song. Nothing fancy, but we have to finish the day knowing how to play guitar. Strum the chords we learned earlier in the next, scraping the simple light. Once you have the model, try to scrape up a luxury recently. Play G chord 16 times (tap your foot along to count), then the C chord 8 times, the G chord D chord 8 times 8 times, and the G chord 8 times. This is the reason wide. When you're done from the beginning. It should look like a familiar song. And guess why? You play the guitar.

top 10 fastest guitar players