How To Play The Guitar Basics

how to play the guitar basics
How to Play Country Guitar : Basics of Country Guitar

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I think it's too late to learn to play guitar, it would be difficult?

I used to learn bases (notes, chords Simple, etc.) on the primary acoustic, im 20 now and I do not remember much .. anywho, does anyone have a Good advice for those who want to start learning new? like what should I start learning first? I think I should have to begin to take lessons before the age of 15, so we decided the guitar at the moment: please and thank you ps: another question: is needed classes or to learn guitar by myself?

I just started taking lessons not long ago, is a school of music rather great and many people are learning more and some are very good. I recommend taking lessons. I taught myself a few weeks before school and my teacher told me I had bad habits and why I have to correct. I think I'll take over until I got to know what I'm doing well and then see whether to continue or not. Scales and chords and the speed of the fingers is what I think is essential that everything is built.

how to play the guitar basics