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How can I play guitar chords on the piano?

I found some very useful site that allows guitar tabs (in standard format EDBGAE) to the strains of piano that comes in handy when I want to learn a song on the piano. I usually use MIDI files, and open the score to learn songs, but sometimes I have to solve guitar tablature. OK, so basically I know how to make labels EDBGAE, but I'm not sure about the clouds Am has just said or Em I know this is a minor, but how I can read it on the piano? If the guitar chords to play that I am, what I can play notes on the piano? I no idea what the minor chords are never really learned the piano, more just picked it up and I played songs I liked. If anyone can help, I'd be very grateful. Edit: thank you very much Sam, who helped a lot. Dear citizens. 😉

That's how I learned, 1. Find the two black notes (I call you, "says" no "key" to avoid confusion with the "key"), the letter Immediately left is C. The increase noted in this order: C, C #, D, Eb, E, F, F #, G, Ab, A, BB, B, then back to C (in other words, each note is like in the bottom chord of the guitar a box at a time). For more agreement (eg A) 2a. Choose a note. It notes that the the string is the name of, say, a third. Count along four notes to the right, the fourth note is the second note of the string (C #). 4a. Since the second note, the count of three, the third note is the third note of the chain (E). 5a. Now you have three notes, you have the rope. You to play in that order. For example, C #-E or EAC # or C #, C #, C #, # AAEC remain unchanged agreement (in substance). For minor chords (eg Em) 2b. Choose a note. It notes that the chain is the name of, for example E 3b. Count along to the right three notes, this third letter is the second note of the chord (G). 4b. Since the second grade, four, fourth grade is the third note of the chain (B). This should allow you to continue. For other arrangements, I think it probably can work.

play guitar midi