Student Acoustic Guitar

student acoustic guitar
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best acoustic guitar to buy for a student?

My parents bought me a guitar, but I think spent too much money on it. What is an affordable and durable yet elegant guitar, you can buy to learn? I do will not have much time, but I can devote themselves to learning. Someone who has experience: What is the price range you should look at?

The lower end, I would recommend a Takamine Jasmine guitar Start at about $ 100. This is a guitar good student, but have high turnover and improved muscle tone because of it. Are still very good beginner guitar at a great price. The next step would spend about $ 200 and a guitar with a solid spruce top. It generally has a better tone. I really like the Yamaha FG700S in the range $ 200. There are several that are a notch above that around the price range of $ 300. These include the Walden D550, Takamine G series Yamaha few others, and some models Alvarez cheaper. Growth options that the $ 300 – $ 500 range. Seagull is one of my favorites in this price segment. I also like the Takamine and intermediate Yamaha in that price range. Once you exceed $ 500, you should look at Taylor, Martin, Guild, and Breedlove. Also there is some higher level and Takamine guitars Yamaha in that price range, but if you spend a lot, I recommend Taylor. You can get a Taylor 110 for less than $ 500. If you can find one that is a good deal. Like Taylor 114ce really about $ 800, but it's expensive for a guitar for beginners. Therefore, without knowing what your parents have or what you think too expensive, I hope this information helps. I recommend going around $ 200 – $ 300 and get a decent guitar with a solid spruce top, if you can afford, or a seagull, you can go a bit to about $ 400 – $ 500. Any of these would be a great learning tool and will last for many years without shouting to be updated.

student acoustic guitar