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learn to play guitar like jimmy page
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Could someone help me understand what guitar amp should I buy?

Thus, the two main options are gm30dfx Marshall is $ 230 and Marshall MG50DFX which is like $ 390. There's a big price difference, but what are the differences between the two? I do not do concerts or anything its just an amplifier to learn, practice and play in my room. I rerally no matter how strong she is. I went and tried my friends 15 watt Marshall aloud time. Is there something different about the sound? Or should I get one of the cheaper tube amps that are like 15 30 watts .. I played this amp Epiphone tube was like $ 500 and it seemed interesting. I have a gibson, and I'm at the helm, Zakk Wylde, Jimmy Page and all these people.

The main difference is the volume of the amplifier. I have a mg100dx, which means that the 100 watts. MG50 is 50 watts and 30 watt MG30. If you only use the amplifier to practice alone, then 30 or 15 watts should be sufficient. However, keep two things in mind … 1. Once you start getting the lowest 15 watts, sound quality may begin to deteriorate. Thus, the 15 watts may not seem as good as the MG30. MG30 and MG50, but should not be much difference in sound. 2. Although they say they are using only practice amp, I would willing to bet money that will soon want to play with your friends. While the 15 may not suffice. And before you know in a few years, you will play shows little in school and clubs and whatnot. Then you wish he had spent a little more money on an amplifier. So, Unless you already have a bigger amp now, I suggest you make a decent first time. 50 watts is enough for such a concert in a auditorium or a medium-sized program. 30 watts is pushed into an auditorium, especially given the volume of the battery can get. I have 100 watts, and has played shows some of my school, where there are no walls to reflect sound. My amp is only a volume of 50 percent. Shoujld that gives you an idea of the power of these amplifiers can be made.

learn to play guitar like jimmy page