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How can I tune my guitar by ear? "I can use my harmonica as a reference?

A few months ago me learned to play the harmonica, as it is very simple and cheap. Now I would like to learn guitar. I have a guitar students in a garage sale which I hope is not properly adjusted. I have no tuner. I've never given an instrument in my life. Is there a site where I can hear my guitar sound like that? "I can not test the right to adjust the sound of the harmonica made? Do I need a secure password? Moreover, once begin to learn where to start? There are many lessons! Should I start with chains or ropes? What difference do the dishes? Should I learn the notes or labels? Heck, what is the anatomy of a guitar? All recommended books to get the library?

If you want to tune by ear with a harmonica, make sure that the harmonica is the key of E, since it the lowest score on a standard guitar. Notes chain, from low E, EADGBE, you may remember Ed and Dan bike everywhere. In terms of lessons, strongly recommends learning the first chords. I regret not learning their first, but I wanted to be a rock star! Than 10 years there? I think if you do not play in a jazz combo notes are not necessary, referral, but are welcome. The conclusion is that it's really all up to you. It is your instrument, music and creativity. Get things on my own camp (Trombone is my main instrument) and apply to songs that I write. You never have to play music written, except for the agreements. Here's a good way and easy to learn how to finger the strings. Anatomy: Acoustic Guitar (Which is likely): http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://cortaction.files.wordpress.com/2009/12/acoustic_guitar_diagram.jpg&imgrefurl=http://cortaction . wordpress.com / tag / guitar / H = 343 & & w = 601 & sz = 19 & tbnid = BDodle7vbD2afM: TBNH & tbnw = 77 & = 135 & prev = / Images% 3Fq%% 3Dguitar 2Bdiagram and zoom = 1 & q = guitar + pattern & hl = en & usg = __XEYTkFumaq6K8jZrKqNC_9WGxnY = & sa = X & ei = GtgbTaiTENG6nAf9-8j0DQ and SQI = 2 and = see 0CCEQ9QEwAQ electric guitar: http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://img3.musiciansfriend.com/dbase/graphics/articles/buying_guides/guitar/guitar_diagram . imgrefurl = jpg & http://www.musiciansfriend. com / Document% 3D99234% 3Fdoc_id & h = 305 & w = 600 sz = 36 & tbnid = iFwnnUKsXD6wUM: TBNH & tbnw = 69 & = 135 & prev = / images% 3Dguitar% 3Fq% 2Bdiagram and zoom = 1 & q = guitar + pattern & hl = en & usg = __WLOJ4ZqTwffqQO1etm00iCQGS_A = & sa = X & ei = gtgbTaiTENG6nAf9-8j0DQ and SQI = 2 and = see 0CCMQ9QEwAg Hope this helps!

learn guitar sale