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play guitar for dummies
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pick up the guitar, some basic questions!?

I recently had played guitar for dummies (2nd edition), and I RLY want to learn to play, but when I went to buy my guitar salesman asked if I wanted a classical or acoustic, the book does not encounter this problem, so I would like to know what kind of music I can play with an acoustic guitar and what kind of music I can play with a classic? Basically I want to play something like, Kalinka, Seven nation army, scorpions nothing … r ah and what is a good brand of acoustic guitar?

Had I been with you I told the seller classical guitars are acoustic guitars. What I wanted to do is if they were interested in a chain of steel or nylon string acoustic. 6 string classical guitar with nylon (3 of them with injuries bronze) and are used almost exclusively for classical flamenco, Spanish and playing styles. Are tuned exactly the same as the steel string, but have a little different and sound. * * You can play music or guitar …. really a matter of getting the right sound. I expect a salesperson to explain the difference and help you decide. For music I have enumerated, should be looking for a steel string. Some recommend nylon strings for beginners because they are a little easier on the fingers of a beginner, but most people recommend getting the right guitar for the style you want to play. Input for guitars end, consider Epiphone, Yamaha and Ibanez. Expect to pay at least $ 125 minimum to play the guitar … and if you can afford more information, go ahead. Some of the names of high-end Martin, Taylor, Gibson, Gretsch, and Guild. Flight eBay and guitars are a waste of money … are difficult to play and do not stay tuned. You did the right thing by going to a store in person, I think the seller dropped the ball.

play guitar for dummies

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