How To Learn Guitar Scaling

how to learn guitar scaling
Guitar Scale Improvisation – Mixolydian Scale

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How to learn guitar scales?

"I used to take guitar lessons, but I stopped and now I'm on my own learning. I learned the scale and on a smaller scale. Im wondering how many scales are there and where you are good sites to help me. I also want to know what the scale used?

If you know the major scale, then you know that all scales and modes. Let's start a C major scale and play the next C. This is the main mode in the key of C. Ahora toca D D. This is the Dorian mode EE Phrygian mode Lydian mode Mixolydian AA FF GG Aeolian (minor) Locrian mode BB (low) mode This trend will continue around the neck of the octave to octave. So there are 7 modes. There are more, but 7 will do for now. Get or make some paper or make a tab of the neck and make your own letter of it. Amazing how easy it was, eh?

how to learn guitar scaling