How To Play Guitar Ghost Note

how to play guitar ghost note
funk slap bass muted / ghost note lecture

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Pro guitar teachers help me please?

Everything started to play the guitar like 2 months ago and I'm still learning Song of the full moon black ghosts. agreements are D9 Am C But I think finger picking is very difficult, so my friend tried to explain on msn and tried to teach bass notes was … D 2 3 4 | CBGA | D 2 3 4 …. or something. I really do not know how to explain it, because I do not understand not. Can someone explain how to handle this? Here is the song … I can play this role, but how to put the bass notes and chords together?

I think what we're trying to convey is that you play the bass note D full measure (Count 4) and then play the notes CBGA on the next stage, a score for each load. Shape tab might look like this: D —— —— —— —— —— —— — — —— A – 5 – —— —— —— — 3 – – 2 – E — — —- – —– —— – —— —— —— —— — 3 – — 5 – Sorry, had to break much, if not LAUNCHcast A line is truncated. But it works …. each dotted line, with a total of 1, play the note 5 of the series to a four, then the next four frets on each count. In other words "D (a), two, three, four C (a) B (two) G (three) A (four)" Eight notes at all … so maybe they are notes. I do not know, I have not heard the song before. Hope this helps! And yes, it's good D9 – C – Am, but I'm not sure I would be the extension of the D9 right … but had not heard the song, what do I know? Good luck! Saul

how to play guitar ghost note