I Can Play Guitar Toys

i can play guitar toys
Plastica *tries* Dream Theater’s “Erotomania” (using toys)

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The capture of a radio frequency in a guitar amp?

Well, it was about the strangest thing happened to me this week last, but I played the electric guitar and playing with plug-ins and amp all at once, very faintly, I heard. I realized I was a radio. I put one of the additions on the connector (not on him but, against it) and the radio station was light on the amp! Somehow I had a radio frequency in a guitar amp. So what's the science behind it? How on earth has this happened? This almost rivals the myth that dental fillings can receive radio signals. A guitar amplifier capture a frequency of the radio station.

There is nothing unique, in fact, happen very often, especially when you have an input cable is cut or damaged. The cable acts as an antenna feed to the RF (radio frequency radio station) for the amplifier. Do not be demodulated and amplified. Everything works like a band transceiver tuned radio. You will probably find also live near a broadcasting band AM radio station, and this is collected. http://www.swdxer.co.nr/

i can play guitar toys

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