How To Play Guitar Quickly

how to play guitar quickly
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I can learn to play guitar?

My friends are able to teach online from a website but when I try read my hands are so slow, while my friends are so fast. I do not understand, I began to think of sound power is the same, but as I progressed, I learned that was different and now I can not read maps and can not read music so I went to the site to check labels, I can read it, but I find it hard to change my hands quickly.

Practice, practice and practice some more. I've never had status able to get tunes on a guitar, but my son is locked in his room at every opportunity, and now he is playing live. There is no book or website that will give you knowledge, only at work. They can give advice, but must sit with your guitar and work on it for gain practical experience. Not only can you play fast need to work on the notes or chords slowly, and once they have the right, you can accelerate. Nobody does it faster the first time. If you have friends, ask if you can give advice. Hear all the music you can, and try to get the same sound. It is probably best to start with an acoustic guitar, it is easier to change the sound power in the other direction. If you put time and effort, you get, I just wish I had put more effort in when I was younger.

how to play guitar quickly