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learn guitar notes free online
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Guitar help?

So I'm trying to learn to play guitar by myself, it's a bit difficult. Apparently, the agreements different depending on the frets to make different notes and all that .. which is really confusing, but I heard a guitar makes you a better understanding long term. It's something I want to continue and be good, so I was wondering if anyone has any online sites that are informative and free? I seen some that appeared to be free, to discover that to pay for more information. I had to pay some tuition, but I lot of money, and I guess they need a lot. A link to a good site, or just tell me everything he knows would be greatly appreciated! Thank you:) PS I begin with an acoustic guitar for the moment, I'm not sure if it makes a difference.

How is it? There are some lessons http://ultimate-guitar.com/lessons/chords/chords_everything_you_need_to_know.html free in others not. Good luck, I learned to play well, and can sometimes be difficult.

learn guitar notes free online

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