How To Learn To Play Guitar Online

how to learn to play guitar online

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Learn to play guitar online?

Hello I have an electric guitar and an acoustic guitar and want to learn to play, I can not learn from this moment, wondering if there were any cool sites for beginners. Like how to tune a guitar, how add new channels for them, and taught me how to play. Thank you in advance:)

Google, guitar chords and learn the position of fingers of G, D, A, C, E, Em, Am, and f. Right now that sounds ridiculous, but as a portion of the site, the ultimate guitar and search for their favorite songs, has the strings above the words and where you need to play if you are not familiar with each chord, you can almost touch anything in the song a standard, PLEASE Do not worry about the theoretical side of the guitar, unless you want to play, Mozart etc, then you really need a teacher! Rock on:) <3 and please be patient with the instrument, it hurts at first, like a girl losing her virginity, ay ay ay then bang! the best thing ever! the guitar can open more opportunities for a lot in life:), and certainly attracts sexes before) <3

how to learn to play guitar online