Learn Guitar In 8 Weeks

learn guitar in 8 weeks
12 Week Guitar Course Intermediate Week 8 Lesson 2

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PLEASE Help me! I need a ton of help to read guitar music?!?

I played the guitar since he was 8 years old. De, I used tabs to learn and not standard notation. Now I'm in a group of school high school and college, I need to learn notation NEXT WEEK. I'm over half done and I saved a lot of saxophone playing, so I can read music, but I have a problem. I only know the notes of the first four or five dishes, I always see people playing in other dishes, and when I look in the game they are listening, do not see anything that tells them to play on the frets. I'm so confused! Knows how to read guitar music to worry about position to play? So I need HELP. thank you.

when you get a room search for music in the armor and find the lowest rating in it. This will give you an idea of where in the neck to play if you know all the scales in all positions. If not, then the work your way through music, and change position when you need to achieve a rating that is not in the position found.

learn guitar in 8 weeks