Play Guitar Really Good

play guitar really good
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I want to learn to play guitar and be very good at it, I'm willing to work hard, what should I do?

I want to be able to play well, improvise, read the labels, and melody. What should I start first guitar (acoustic or electric brand) and how can I learn?

For starters, learning ladder, hell can be boring, but very important, no, no I screwed anymore. Learn the chords and notes of your guitar will help early and long term. Take your time, if learning something you can not try make it easy again and again and again until you get your muscles, then begin to memorize the movements and let you make faster until they can match. There are different tools that will slow down the sidewalk song for you and can be configured to repeat some specific, which can help a lot, especially when doing complex riffs and licks. Hitchhiking and pick different exercises can be very useful if you want to play faster songs. If you play metal, for example, there are different types of exercises that increase your speed and accuracy that allows you to play faster than single and hit all the notes during playback of solos. I recommend getting a guitar teacher instead of teaching you the same, because if you have problems with technique or something that could give some tips to help you overcome this problem. They will also learn correctly, if you accidentally learn something wrong and keep your fingers too flat to individual notes will work to keep the hand (after playing for a time and used to doing things differently and learning is a bitch like that, believe me) and the practice will not be an amazing night, children who listen to completely break his neck, consistent practice for hours and hours.Once to start learning songs helps a lot to practice with the song like an iPod or a computer or something, it's fun and helps a lot more than it seems. As for the guitar, there are many factors such as weight acoustic or electric, the thickness of the neck, body shape, price, and many other things. Honestly, it's all of you, first of all I would ask what style of music you want to play, and do the kind of guitar (acoustic or electric) that choice. Guitars can be very different in many respects, I think it would be better to take time and go to a music store with a large selection of guitars and all try and decide what is best for you because it is their preference.

play guitar really good