Electric Guitar Amps

electric guitar amps
Laney VC15-110 electric guitar amplifier demo

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I am a beginner electric guitar. What should I amp?

I'm 15 and I have a 1964 red electric guitar strings Hagstrom Fender Bullet. I know it's dark, but my favorite band The Kills has the guitar itself, so I did. Here photo of Alison Mosshart of The Kills play: http://i328.photobucket.com/albums/l325/Nouvelle_VagueImages/kills3.jpg'm not a total neophyte on the guitar. I played acoustic for 3 years and then I passed the breach than 5 years, but I had to play than ever before and really liked it, then I stop and return on guitar. The only thing is, because I spent $ 750 U.S. in it, I did not have much money for amps, so I want something good for beginners who will not break the bank. I do not need to be brought up or because my parents will not care if my practice are too strong. This is not really an option to go to a music store to try amps, so we really need Here are some suggestions for action to obtain. And can you tell me why we also suggest?

Now, that's how you ask questions – congratulations and thank you! You can get a good small and friendly 15 to 50 watt solid state amplifiers combined in online stores like musiciansfriend.com. Good companies Vox, Peavey, Fender, Pignose (incredible amp!), Line 6, Marshall maybe (people love it, but my experiences have been, without exception, tasteless at best). Here's a selection: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/navigation/solid-state-guitar-combo-amps?N=100001+338502&Ns=P_Price|0 and that companies consider in Ampere above, with no less than 30W and a speaker at least 12 inches at least 10. 15W Now that I mentioned first, and I had to do with a new kid on the block, Blackheart amps – they are a bit quieter, but all the tubes (which is always good, but expensive) and everything I've read so far This was considered crazy. I think I'll try it too, the question is whether you want to be the only amplifier – it's your decision. If I were you I'd go with a line 6 (more versatile), Vox (sounds worse) or a Pignose (some sounds, but really good), for money they could afford.

electric guitar amps