How To Play Guitar Left Handed Beginners

how to play guitar left handed beginners
How to Play Guitar: Beginners / Left-Hand Positioning

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help beginners guitar?

I'm 15, I recently started playing the guitar, I am left handed, is $ 200 and want an electric guitar. How much money or I think I need to get a good guitar and amp and suggested that for

I too am left handed I think it is likely to be a cheap guitar. I have a lefty and it is high Squire Stratocaster (Squires guitars are generally crap.) The reason is that the guitar left-handed mass-produced are generally better than their counterparts in the right hand. The companies that make guitars that have given so much to the left, and for one reason or another, are generally of better quality, at least with the cheapest (I assume that both sides guitars are the same quality). As should be okay to buy a relatively cheap guitar. I would not recommend buying 10w amp because they sound horrible. I have a 15W Fender amp and very good. The problem is that I think that is probably beyond your budget. You should keep a little more money.

how to play guitar left handed beginners

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