Anyone Can Play Guitar Radiohead Chords

anyone can play guitar radiohead chords
Wonderwall By OASIS (Cover)

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What kind of guitar should I buy?

Ok … I play the guitar for a long type, and I became good enough, but never bothered type guitar, play. I had this guitar Ibanez hollow body before. I liked their sound, and I liked that it was electric, but it was a sound – you can hear when it was plugged in. I wish I had a guitar that can do the same thing. The only problem with guitar one last time: it was quite large, which made me look stupid, because I have a small building. I would like a little guitar. My favorite bands are The Smiths and Radiohead, then this would be to play this kind of thing. I also like to make tons of noise and rock Sonic Youth-style. Like Beatles play chords to accompany singing. And I play a jazz and metal. Oh, yes … and my budget is not very large. Anyone have any idea? In fact, I must make a decision soon. Any suggestions would be welcome.

Go to a electro-acoustic guitar, which is simply an acoustic guitar with in which a microphone can be connected to an amplifier. Can also simply drag and play anywhere, any guitar acoustics. Brands to consider: Fender, Yamaha, Martin, Epiphone.

anyone can play guitar radiohead chords