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Learn Acoustic Guitar FAQ 04 – What Guitar Should I Buy?

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Learning the guitar?

Hello everyone, this is my second question, now I have an ambition to learn an instrument music, ie the guitar. It's more a series of basic questions, almost like an ant FAQ. Like most ants, ask them to be friendly and serious. Now the questions 1.) Is difficult to play the guitar 2.) Is it worth learning the guitar 3.) If i learn the guitar I should get half acoustic or electric (I made up my mind on this already, I'm not very fond of the sound of the acoustics) 3.) I have to learn the guitar or bass first? 4.) If I seek a master, or just use a book 5.) What I look for in a guitar (I have a budget $ 150 please do not say buy this $ 3000 Fender) 6. Is it any good? http://www.guitarcenter.com/Squier-by-Fender-Bullet-Electric-Guitar-with-Tremolo-104494315-i1385540.gc 7. Is there a "good" amplifier cheaper for around $ 30 Thanks for any awnsers or comments, do not forget 10 points better, so I think twice before hitting the enter key!

1) At first hands probably will not go where it should, but with practice, like the other thing you want to do in life, become EAIS and possibly can not even watch what his hands are doing. 2) Yes, it's worth and if nothing is there, he must be happy for the challenge. If you approach in the sense of wanting to learn something new every day, then it gives you. 3) If your lifestyle is to play at home very much, then get the power. A small acoustic cheap is useful if you travel somewhere (motel) and / or you want to write a little in the mountain forest areas. 3) Each person is different, so you sit and play with both and see what is naturally attracted. Usually people who can play guitar play bass and also the reverse. I can play both, but not at the same time, complementary each other. Bears become more concerts. 4) Are you a self starter / motivated to practice every day and I discover things for themselves? If not, the good teacher can help you develop into what it takes to become the best possible. I teach, but do not believe in the perpetual class rest of my student life. I give them the basics, help maintain their interest and they will find their own way from there. 5) What do you think guitar in his hands? And you need to stay tuned. I found someone very different guitars shops.Take pawn who knows what to look for if you go this route. JC Penny still my world, my les paul copy I bought in 1979 and still in good playable condition. So sometimes you find a good guitar because there was at least expected. Sometimes in ebay, the more experienced players have met a quality guitar from a reputable vendor for someone just starting, but I prefer playing a store before buying a guitar Online. 6) Yes, a beautiful guitar input, justified, and Guitar Center can help you if you have any questions playabilty. 7) Sometimes, the pawnshop / amplifiers used in music stores you can find these smaller amps, but someone you know amps. If you do, make sure the amplifier is cold tension, ie does not consider that it is on the seller and pushes you. Sometimes on ebay you can find a small amplifier from a reputable dealer.

learn guitar faq