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play guitar guides
3D Acoustic Guitar Lessons – Vicki Genfan – Exploring Tunings

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Web sites or programs that can guide / help me play guitar?

I can play is 4 months, but I think you need more Guidance and things, that the practice of the letter all the time, but I continue to play what I know, in other words, I do not know what to practice. And I do not know all the teachers who live nearby, even if they could afford. So I'm looking for a website that provides advice to play the guitar, like learning this, and then learn, practice, and such. I heard of a website as a friend as a professor kinds of messages every day and is supposed derived from the first lesson until last published. Or just to simplify: I am looking for a website that can guide and tell me what to practice guitar or a teacher who could send me e-mails to the extent practice. PS: I like all types of rock (especially hard rock, metal, rock). In addition, I do not want the Web site for the tabs, and I have the guitar program Pro if it helps

Listen to the Ramones, Johnny Ramone was one of the greatest guitarists ever. He did not need to play only one show that it was good

play guitar guides

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