Best Guitar Player In The World

best guitar player in the world
Best guitar player in the world

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What song is the best way to prove he is a better player of Guitar Hero?

Hello to all, was wondeing song that was one of the titles Guitar Hero (not a hero of the band) for the PS3 is better to do professional front. My brother (who is 15 and I 19) it appears that is better with the guitar controller than me, so I want to prove him wrong cocoon want to know what song that boys and girls who think that is best to use my situation. I have Guitar Hero 3, Guitar Hero World Tour, Guitar Hero 5, Warriors of rock guitar hero, Guitar Hero Smash Hits, Guitar Van Halen Metallica Hero Guitar Hero, and I LEGO Rock Band Rock Band 1 and 2, rock band The Beatles, AC / DC track pack live, rock band Green Day but I'm more interested in using one of the games Guitar Hero instead. no positive response is appreciated thanks.

By fire and flames .. GH3 Dragon Force, who can fill this shit can be called a hell of a player GH

best guitar player in the world

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