Guitar Players Gear Setup

guitar players gear setup
Basic Amp Set Up For Electric Guitar

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What is a good way to transform your laptop into a recording studio?

I am a singer + acoustic guitar. I looking for a solution for digital recording. You do not install this time. I know you've probably need a microphone and maybe a small mixer, but let the spirit of the community let me know their own proposal for an affordable price? I just want to be myself able to register to play and sing at the same time. Nothing too expensive please. That may be about $ 500 for work.

I do home recording and I was afraid he was asked about recording on a laptop computer. You need a quality sound card recording to good home, and most PC sound cards in the factory are crap. It should also two channels for voice and guitar, except the title. If it helps to use … AKG C1000 condenser microphone – $ 300 Preamp ART Tube MP — $ 80 Audiophile 2496 sound card – $ 125 Gateway PC Tower Cakewalk Home Studio recording and mixing for $ 100 Steinberg Wavelab essential for the area of $ 100 to master each track before mixing Wavelab … slow and painful. In addition, there are tons of digital effects crap, just use that good sound. And finally the best, I think it's sample CD type. HTH, Paisley Fe

guitar players gear setup