What’s Easier To Learn Guitar Or Piano

what’s easier to learn guitar or piano
Soul Eater – Guitar vs Piano

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What is easier to learn piano or guitar?

So I decided that I would learn a new instrument of side of the clarinet, it is very easy to learn … What is easier to learn? I hear "oh piano is much easier!" but his style not really what I want to play … but I thought maybe that's what you should first try!?!?

In general, the guitar is much easier to play the piano. But, of course, depends on the severity you want to be. If you want to play right notes of a simple tone, it is probably easier to play on the piano b / c I did not try to find the right Picth as you would on a guitar. However, the piano is King of all instruments. As you progress in learning the piano is that it becomes increasingly difficult (but more and more musically satisfying!) more improvement.

what’s easier to learn guitar or piano