How To Play Guitar Flash

how to play guitar flash
Guitar Hero World Tour – Iron Maiden – Flash of the Blade

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Is it difficult to learn to play guitar, its use as therapy?

I went through a very rough childhood and was beaten every day and my parents fought drugs and alcohol. I still have many questions and problems and sometimes backfire and begin to sweat or even almost cried for no reason all. I read that playing a musical instrument can be good therapy to express feelings who do not want to leave to others. I am very successful financially speaking, but has major social problems. I tried thinking of buying a guitar teach me to play to see if you could help us improve.

it depends some people to make faster than others, it takes practice, but I do not think it's too difficult to learn the guitar, I play for 3 1 / 2 years and I guess I'm good (I have trouble admit that I am good at these things), just give it a try for a while and see (but do not give your cousin is not good in the short term) in its use as therapy can help, but you really should get professional help, I know it's hard, but will not improve until you start talking even if you just start talking with a friend or a trusted person that will help you know how you feel and I work geting to help myself, but I know some of my friends problems

how to play guitar flash