How To Play Guitar With Small Hands

how to play guitar with small hands
Gypsy swing Rosenberg Jimmy 1990

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How to tap on guitar….does anybody know any guitars with small necks?

Okay, i know the method of tapping cuz i can actually play pretty good but im not all that strong….like at all… whenever i try to tap it is SOOO quiet becxuase i cnat do it hard enough and fast enought at the same time. Pulloffs are also hard becuase im not strong :(Does anybody have any tips on how i can improve or how i can sound louder…besides turning up my amp….lol….im not stupid.

Also, I have very small hands which comes with being a girl and i would like to buy a new guitar so i was wondering if anybody knew any that had smaller size necks? Does the Schecter Synyster Custom Electric Guitar (A7X ROCKS BEST BAND EVER) have a small neck…it looks small to me….?

Thanks for you help 🙂
I don’t wnat a guitar for girls….they are all like pink and stuff which is suuuuper lame….i just want a normal one that has a smaller neck just so u know

Maybe if you try using a lighter gauge of strings. Ernie Ball makes a extra light string called slinky strings. They come in super and extra slinky so they are very easy to fret. Also you should check out Daisy Guitars. They make guitars for girls. Best of luck.

how to play guitar with small hands

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