Learn How To Play Guitar Hero Drums

learn how to play guitar hero drums
Guitar Hero 5 – Steed of Thor charted by Erimgard – Expert+ Drums – Fail at 86%

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Guitar Hero? Rock Band? Please read the details of my question!?

I've never played Guitar Hero or Rock Band. I am an old man who is old school. If I play the guitar, take my guitar. If I play the drums, I stand before the kit anyway … here is my question. Must be able to play an instrument for success in these games? Because if you're just pressing buttons on a piece of plastic shaped guitar that I see these games as an affront to all musicians. I saw in a previous question, where someone mentioned learn to play these games. Is this true, how does it work? Enlighten me.

They are not completely different. I play guitar and almost no similarities with real guitar and Guitar Hero. In fact, I find it easier, for example, to play "Cowboys From Hell – Pantera Guitar Hero guitar.

learn how to play guitar hero drums