Learn Guitar Bossa Nova

learn guitar bossa nova
Bossa Nova Guitar in C Major : Measures 11 & 12 of a Bossa Nova Guitar Song in C Major

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The guitar I take to learn more about finger-style/finger-picking?

Well, I'm a newbie, in fact, not even, I never touched a guitar in my life. But I want to learn. So I have to learn the guitar with nylon or steel string acoustic guitar? I'm not interested Scratch most (but not, he can do in a nylon rope?). Genres I like: bossa nova, jazzish things, but I am open to everything in the game My fingers are a bit long and very thin bone. Therefore, better suited for me? Thank you.

Classical (nylon string) guitars are almost exclusively used for reproduction of classical music. If this is not what you want is probably not the right choice for you. In addition, to address your question, they are only played fingerstyle and never with a plectrum. However, also used for bossa nova music. guitars with steel strings are much more versatile and can be played both fingerstyle and pulsed with a peak. However, if your main concern is with the fingering that you should try to find a guitar with steel strings with greater height, like a guitar OM size. Good luck.

learn guitar bossa nova