Free Online Guitar Play Along Songs

free online guitar play along songs
Move Along by All American Rejects – Guitar Lessons for Beginners Acoustic songs AAR

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To play the acoustic guitar, the notes are the same as playing the electric guitar?

Me, my brother and my cousin are starting a band. I'll play guitar for my brother on bass and drums with my cousin. I supposed to know how to play the guitar but never learned. Now I want to learn, but if there is a difference between the guitar notes acoustic and electric i want to know, because it can play songs or other countries. If anyone can answer to these questions below, and the first is happy: What kind of guitar should I get (I am a beginner and I want this guitar for a long time for a solution sustainable would be better)? When can my group began to make so that we can a little publicity? Where can I get free guitar lessons (online would be best)? What can I do if I can find lyrics of a song? Thank you:)

one notes are an acoustic exactly the same as an electric. There are usually fewer frets on an acoustic, that's all. two if you want an electric motor, a Fender Squire starter. For a sound, just buy a cheap in any music store, the brand does not matter. three houses playing in coffee, or the battle of the concert band, try to find four events open to guitar lessons, go to Guitar World or five if you can not come up with good words, just try to work on. Over time, you will, because after practice enough, you get something good

free online guitar play along songs