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learn to play the guitar video

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What is the best way to learn to play electric guitar without a teacher?

I started to learn play the electric guitar as I have heard Black / Death / Thrash metal for a year or two, and never thought of that. I want to know any good companies offering a service online teaching and / or books or videos. If anyone has had experience with a learning method the play, I want to hear. Thank you Jake PS – I am willing to pay for things like books and video, etc that is not only seeking free forms.

Well OK, good for you, it's a good idea to learn to play guitar you can have a useful skill that everyone can enjoy can also help you get a job anyway, your question. There are a few guitar lessons I can recommend. The first is the method of metal and all its related videos. This is a video series of variables that teach you different things, is really helpful, but you pay for the DVD. Here's the link: http://metalmethod.com/store_front.htm The other site I can recommend is: http://www.aaronsguitarlessons.com/. This site has some great lessons and almost everything is free. Also, obviously, YouTube shows how you can learn almost anything on YouTube. You also think that the guitar / amp and other equipment to obtain. There are a lot of guitars out there and think if you play the guitar or charge only occasionally, because, of course, affect what equipment to buy. I must recommend Ibanez to start, as they are ideal for any type of metal and become well and are very quick to play. Here are some recommendations for guitars: Ibanez SZR520 GRG170DX GRG250DX "Good for wholesale pricing Peavey HP Special EX EX Suggestions rotor tremolo Peavey amplifiers: VOX amplifier Marshall ad15VTXL I use 30 watts, the majority of Commissioners are great if all of 30 watts is more than enough for Line 6 Spider-IV Grand Orange Crush Micro Amp for beginners Other equip GRET: You need a any distortion pedal if you want to be really heavy. I would say a head or MT-2 Metal Zone distortion pedal or MD-2 Mega boss pedal like the two distortion pedals incredible. In addition, if probably a good idea to get a wah-wah, as they are incredible to add additional effects solo so I can propose a dunlop wah JCB-95 for that. Send me a message telling me what bands you and I can help others. I also a youtube account that I can put instructional videos to help you

learn to play the guitar video