How To Learn Guitar Notes

how to learn guitar notes
Learn the notes on the guitar fretboard. Part 1 of 3

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I must learn to read notes on a bass guitar!?

I'm going to grade 9 and recorded in the band, any help in learning notes on the bass?

I teach and play guitar and bass … more than 30 years, so I have some experience to draw here. Rating Standard … TAB not …. is the language of musicians. And like any language, does not work. This n 't that hard -.. TAB has its place is a great way for guitarists and bassists connect with each other, but what if you're in a band and you are told to play eighth dot pattern in a G? I understand that all the others say "know – it's easier" … but believe me – a professional musician (he is someone who makes his living playing music, friends) – learn Standard Notation … will put money in your pocket. Learn well – it's another language in itself … TAB and notation showed Standard … If Please do not forget either. To learn so much. There are a number of books and tutorials …. you can go to – is an excellent site go to questions like yours. peejmeister

how to learn guitar notes

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