How To Learn Guitar Like A Pro

how to learn guitar like a pro
“Power Tab 1.7 & Guitar Pro 5” – Great way to learn your favorite songs on guitar/bass and write songs

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Help learning guitar?

I like learning the guitar, but I do not know what to do, I'm learning guitar with tabs in pro, but I want to learn to play real music through notes, but do not know where to look, I would take classes, but it is absolutely nothing around my area and I can not take classes online because there is no high speed internet available to me where I can get the scales and other things to learn the basics of reading music. Also some good tips to learn rock and metal music, song recommendations for a beginner. Thank you.

hello, you can get an excellent student of dvd, s is like having your own teacher at home and work a lot cheaper.

how to learn guitar like a pro

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