How To Play Guitar Nickelback

how to play guitar nickelback
Learn How To Play ‘Rockstar’ by Nickelback For Guitar Using Barre Chords

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How can I decide what kind of music you play?

I want to join a group, but I like many kinds of music, so .. not I know what to play. I play guitar and began listening to classical music only. He then moved to hair metal years 80, etc. years progressive metal. Even I like modern stuff like Nickelback, Train, Kelly Clarkson, Lady Gaga, Jason Derulo … I like the pop / hip hop. Even things like Coldplay. My taste is really everywhere. In addition, Sum 41, Offspring, Green Day, Paramore … Right now I like Three Days Grace. I do would not go into the field say that killed 4 years ago. How can I find a group and decide what muic follow? Yes, I love Yngwie, forgot to mention neoclassical. lol Nickelback is not even near the worst band in the world … I must be the shadow was a very very good song. He had a good few others as well.

ok, first of all you look like a talent person.and hear all a little music (and punk !!)… it's great! but if you can play the guitar hip hop and pop music is not for you … But punk rock can be a good decision .. High energy, crazy guitar, a quality sound, amazing performance … only a few punk rock bands are very popular these days (maybe one), but mind.cause importantly never music.but ur …. these are my ideas, but it's ur decision so you should choose the music you love a best.options punk rock) …! b) Option C) b **** modern rock options are great for you, but I think the modern rock is too hot right is not a good thing because many people are not modern a small chance of being a big star .. and the rest is yours

how to play guitar nickelback