Classical Guitar Playing Tips

classical guitar playing tips
Tips On How To Play The Classical Guitar : Classical Guitar Vibrato Effects

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What is the correct length of fingernails for classical guitar?

Please give me a measure of the peak at the beginning of the nail. I really want "Whenever possible, keep nails short, but it means that affected my game so I'd rather not. My mother always tells me I cut my nails so that the minimum length for maximum sound would be what I need. Thank you guys in advance.

I guess that's just. As if the length of nails left hand should be very short so as not to touch (almost) the ground by pressing the string down. His right hand, but should to take a length that allows the strings without using a pick. "This means that in the short term on the right nails are much longer than nails left hand. The actual length of the nail is determined by trial and error, to the point where he feels most comfortable with the "feel". Practical as always, makes perfect. Have fun.

classical guitar playing tips