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Do you feel like Vince Gill?

Do you feel like Vince Gill?

After reading this Bill Anderson wrote, how you feel, like Vince Gill?

To this question I at the end of the article, the gangs can be. Marty Martel sent me a written statement about the end of the Helms Don Anderson, and I do not know about you band, but I am touched by Vince Gill, and his tears. Will you?

————- Forwarded Message: ————–
From: "Marty Martel
To: Jimmy Stix
Subject: Bill Anderson talks about Don Helms …. That's fine ….
Date: Tue, August 12, 2008 0000 9:52:00 p.m.

powerful words for a powerful writer. Read this if you read something else. I wish I could write as B. Anderson. His mind and his hands were touched by the Lord.

Subject: Bill Anderson talks about Don Helms …. It is very well ….

August 12, 2008


Hello friends

Unfortunately, the era of country music that was dying, according to legend by the legend, during a period of 55 years, has finally reached its conclusion yesterday morning unhappy here in Nashville.

Don Helms, the great steel guitar player, has died. He was the last surviving member of Hank Williams soundtrack ™ € derivative Cowboys.

He was also one of the funniest and best human men has never been my privilege to know.


If you're depressed and needed a good laugh to cheer, I called Don Helms. If you want someone to tell the true story of Hank Williams € | his songs his charisma and his demons … called Don Helms. You wanted a great steel player who never changed his style over the years, but whose style never went out of mode is called Don Helms.

IA ™ € I will never forget one night shortly after my arrival in Nashville when I was home from a tour in the back of the Wilburn Brothers € ™ long black Cadillac. Was not working for them at this time as a musician and a man driving business in their editorials and reservation offices. This particular evening, it was also his chauffeur, climbing Wheel somewhere in Michigan and pointing the car, as he had done several times during his career in Nashville.

For Because I could not fall asleep € ™ t that night, so I'm leaning on the back of the seat s € ™ Drive and began asking questions about Mr. Hank Williams. I found quite willing to talk, share storiesâ € | some funny, some sada € | Fascinating me mile after mile long and dark.

He spoke of long days and nights on the road before a car with air conditioning and highways € |. About Hanka € ™ s incredible return Paina € | about problems with Audrey € | how he liked Fisha € | How much he loved Bocephus € | and how he could turn a phrase and write a song in no time. Hank was my childhood hero, and I found alone with the man responsible for most of his music was almost more of a boy with eyes open in Georgia could have.

Over the years later, when I need someone to come and talk about Hank in the radio program, Don was there. When we need a legend in January this year to play steel guitar in our country ™ € s Family Reunion Video, Don was there. For the rest of my life I will remember Nâ € ™ s â € œCold game Cold Heart €? himself in the studio full of stars, Vince Gill sat around, tears streaming down her face. When the song more, Vince watched the rest of us gathered in the room and said: â € œGuys, Itâ € ™ s why he came to Nashville.â €?

I consider myself very lucky to have known and traveled, and were in the presence of Don Helms. His music will live forever.

I just I wish I could have done the same thing.

Bill Anderson

Well ……… How did you feel after reading the article? Do you agree with Vince Gill?

No! Well, I tried again to express what our country is lost, because companies in the country! The lack of respect for Seniors ……… I miss the love …….. goodness …….. good …….. respect for cultural heritage in all senses! Vince Gill has expressed some sort weakness, crying for that reason like that? Living around the country music of today show no respect for legends, and which are ignored by many in the country today, for my people, Vince is a love, love, respectful man, and in my book, these features ……….. honor a man standing in a variety of social selfishness, is what I get from superstars like Vince Gill!

Vince Gill and others like him, are the stars giants of our country, and to support them and their music is what will always ……… Despite the action taken against such stars as Vince Gill, for exposing their actions to ignore the many legends of the country!

I do not care if someone does not like to use the old expression, "Black Dial" by companies to "Going Machine" (country of the company), and if Vince Gill and other stars are not "Black Dial "country of business, so why not learn from what these superstars are lately? Media does not report its activity to that! And do not tell nobody wants to hear more Vince Gill because his voice is not as good as it was! It's a lie if someone said that! He never sounded better than now!

Bill Anderson himself is a legend in country music band! How many of you know really Bill? There is still a live band! I must admit I did not know him well ………. I have but I did! I know, and I play music for years …….. and I'll go to the grave continues to play his music, including their latest releases! I'll cry if I had the opportunity to be with Vince Gill, Bill Anderson, George Jones, Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson, Jimmy Little and many other stars of legend in one place for a given time …….. I bet it ……. would be an honor to be a treasure for life!

Unfortunately, many in the country now simply laugh at such an event ……… I do not see that as an old man by old stars meet and old country music promoters as I can not let go of the past! This is how group feels about this? After all, Vince Gill is not so old? He feels what I feel about these old stars in the country, those living today and those who died, and Tammy, Johnny, and Conway Twitty!

Show Band ………. I'm not the only country in the music profession believes that countries have successfully undertaken to take the human aspect of our country. Just look around you, listen to new country music living legends now, today, buy his latest music, and listen to your glasses, you can hear the cry of justice sing those old stars? If you really want to be a national of your country can then music is in your hearts!

young out of the country can still learn from old stars ………… and maybe if you can see as Vince Gill, Bill Anderson and others like us, trying to transmit to all rural people …….. then maybe the young stars have someone like Vince Gill cry in the memory of them when they die and leave the city.

Sincerely gang


Jimmy Stix

_________________________________end Point.

play guitar play conway twitty video