50 Greatest Guitar Players Of All Time

50 greatest guitar players of all time
Top 50 Rock Guitar Players of All-Time

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Coolest villain assiness dopest kicking rock / rap / musician over the last 50 years?

Last 50 years, people gather-u large … BadAss-musician who caused the biggest scandal of his time, that does not give a rat assssss what rule was broken and everyone in spite of the current main thing you want ?!?!? Best composer who he was? You have 50 years of great music to choose from! Best guitar-shredder was the man blues, honky tonk, funk, ska, punk, heavy metal, hip hop, grunge guitarist? Best stage antics, which have failed in their best team, transformed a quiet crowd in a riot, a crowd jumped and damaged …. Wanted DOA best-who escaped the law better, even if it ensures that for them … Best Man musician who was it? Best Male Musician Burn Out "has it all screwed up by drugs, sex and industry pressure? Best Song" The best Have crazy motherfucker rapper who was once a prize? Best ablum Here, the choice is yours … vote

BadAss Musician – A link between Motley Crue and training best original by Guns 'n' Roses (with particular reference to Nikki Sixx) interprets Prince best guitarist Slash onstage antics best-f * ckin Axl Rose! Best-Snoop seems Wanted DOA made a career out of it. Best Musician "Too many women to choose. Best Male Musician – Prince Best was mayor Billy Idol Burn Chaka Khan singing "the best rapper LL Cool J craziest motherfucker never Award David Lee Roth? Best Album – Prince: Sign of the Times

50 greatest guitar players of all time