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learn to play guitar pack
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What should I get the guitar that I am a rookie?

Hello I want to start learning to play guitar for a hobby more than anything else thing, I've never touched a guitar or state of music in my life but I feel its time to change that, I saw some good guitar packages for about £ 175 – £ 199 that the best ….. The Epiphone Les Paul Special 2 Electric Guitar Yamaha Pacifica PAC012 Epiphone SG Special Player ESP LTD Viper with X20 WASHBURN for your help … PS what is the best book or DVD for teaching the same

Hello! – It looks like a very potential list importantly, I wish I could have provided one of many that when I started (I had to settle for a point – which has done a if) I agree with the guy who said to avoid starting package – I think is a bit of a waste of money. When you begin, you not really need to spend much, you just need something that is easy to play and looks very cool (this helps to maintain interest when you're frustrated with your fingers slow, not flexible!). You mentioned a Yamaha Pacifica – and it would be my choice. They are very easy to play guitar and I think they look pretty cool (especially with natural finish). As I recall, you can choose one for under £ 150! Its so-called guitars best sellers in the budget world, so they must be doing something right. They look very good for the price too. Now I know you will probably want a amp with this – but believe me, the little 10 watt amp which come in a starter pack arent worth it! Just enjoy its £ 50 more pounds in a multi-fx pedal as a Digitech RP or zoom 505mkII (ebay still has a lot) you can connect these to the back of your stereo and the sound is a million times better than an amplifier of 10 watts to start. You can also connect your headphones in them – that your mother / wife / neighbor appreciate (they are bound to be tired of hearing Smoke on the water again and again!). The FX in these things also help keep interest – and tuned! Hope that helps!

learn to play guitar pack