I Can Play Guitar Directions

i can play guitar directions
how to play guitar (basics) lesson 1

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Where to start learning the guitar?

I'm 28 and I've always wanted to learn to play guitar, finally decided who wish to leave and start learning. I do not know where to start, or what type of guitar to get, but in the long term, I would like to play Southern rock, country, and blues, I like the sound of a steel blade that George Thorogood and his country classic Waylon Jennings and Johnny Cash. But I also like being able to play classic hard rock like AC / DC and music like the Eagles and Skynard CCR. That may be a wide range of sounds (and maybe I do not know no guitar.) Would it be smarter to start with an acoustic guitar? Or I can jump directly into an electric motor? I intend to be largely self-taught with the help of youtube and all websites or books that are, but do not know where to start a guitar (and any other material you might need). All suggestions and address would be greatly appreciated.

Take lessons to obtain the position of hands down there is very important for a beginner. Get a folio tag songs you like and the next and final step is practice, practice and then when this practice some more. Good luck and follow him.

i can play guitar directions